Locally owned and operated, SJ Neathawks is usually my first stop when looking for home improvement supplies, random things like staples and gardening supplies in the spring. The people at SJ Neathawks are always helpful to me, treat me with respect and are happy to see me. I love that I can help my local economy by shopping here.


We just had some building material delivered today. It was raining out, the driver took the time and covered the lumber before putting it where we wanted it. You definitely do NOT get this service from LOWES. Thank you.


Awesome customer service, much better than lowes. They have most of of your house hold needs


We have been using Neathawk Lumber for our remodeling and building needs for over 14 years, and my family has been working with them for over 25 years. The staff at Neathawk is always kind, helpful and cheerful. We have bought many different products from this business including cabinets, doors, windows, screen doors and flooring. I find their delivery prompt and everything arrives safely. What I love is if someone does not know the answer to a question, they will find out and you can always find someone to help you. I constantly recommend Neathawk to all of my friends and family.